Dik Ramkema

Kinder- en Prentenboeken
I started my career in the modern book trade, where I worked for more than 18 years.

During that time, I went to stay in England for four years, from 1973 until 1977. While there, I started to collect English illustrated and children’s books.

I also started to trade in old and secondhand books, at a weekend market on Hampstead Heath.

When I returned to Holland (after a cycle tour through Europe), I started to work in a modern bookshop, where I took care of the antiquarian section.
We attend a few main Book Fairs in: London, Deventer, York and Amsterdam. For the last five years I issue an interesting and full catalogue about once a year.

We deal in: Children’s and Picture Books with several small collections a.o: ABC books, a large section of 19th century children’s books, pop-up’s, boys and girls fiction and children’s magazines, modern picture books as well as old and classic ones. Bibliography on children’s books, Catchpenny pictures, illustrated books, -Dulac, Rackham, Pogany etc.-

Dik Ramkema
Bloemendaalseweg 241
The Netherlands
Tel. (+31) 23 5269144
Mobile: (+31) 6 176 20 872

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